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Councill Realty & Management opened its doors in 1918 and has been leading the way as a full service real estate property management firm ever since. Our long standing success is attributed to the relationships we have established with the community, our staff, service contractors, and rental base. These relationships enable us to provide our clients with stellar service and profitable returns.

Councill Realty & Management’s good name has been built on integrity and commitment. These pillars provide the foundation which enables us to stand out from the pack. Our dedicated team of professionals is made up of  CPM’s (Certified Property Managers), accountants, maintenance and leasing assistants, all of whom work to ensure that your property is managed and maintained to the highest standards.

In order to keep your cost at an affordable level, while maintaining quality, we employ an in-house maintenance staff along with independent service specialists to provide prompt, economical maintenance and repairs. The necessary repairs and maintenance help to keep our properties full to capacity by retaining current tenants and attracting new ones. Councill Realty is always working to keep vacancies low and profits high.

In addition to maintenance, our experienced staff of property managers, administrators and accountants have the experience and ability to handle delinquent rents by following normal legal proceedings without the added cost of an attorney. Councill Realty & Management works diligently in all areas of property management to ensure that your investment has the best return possible. We have the experience, ability, and integrity to provide you with quality service and a high return.

Councill Realty & Management is the only choice for managing your investment property. We are here to relieve you of your management headaches and increase your property’s “bottom line”. Place your confidence in our 100 plus years of experience, while you relax and enjoy the profits.

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